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March Favorites

31 MAR

I had a lot of One Piece to get through so there's not too much new anime. I've just been in a huge One Piece mood this month.


One Piece: I just finished NANA so I need something a bit lighter and shounen-y. So I decided to pick up One Piece. I started this a while ago but I went on hiatus for some reason. I’m watching it on Funimation so every week they come out with I think 1 or 2 episodes. However, they’ve gotten really far as opposed to where I left off (ep125). I forgot how much I enjoyed One Piece. There’s something so charming and endearing about One Piece that other shounen series seem to lack. I love the characters and I’ve really missed them. The fillers can get to me a bit though. I’m also getting up to the where I haven’t read yet in the anime which is exciting.

K-ON!: I’ve had a desire to watch K-ON! for a while and I finally picked it up. I’m so glad that I did. It’s moe and music mixed together with some food. What is there not to like. Strangely, I’m not much of a slice of life person but I really enjoy the feel of K-ON!. There’s something light and sweet about it. Also, it’s surprisingly funny. I wasn’t expecting it. I’ll be putting up a review of it soon so check that out.



Black Cat: I liked the anime but it felt incomplete to me. I always wanted to know all the details that they left off like their backgrounds, pasts, etc. So I picked up the manga and I’m really enjoying. The events are so different from the anime and I like the way that the manga is done better. Train seems more badass and Creed seems a little bit less like a pedo-creeper. The art is nice too. I’m definitely enjoying reading this.

One Piece: I’ve started One Piece a while ago but my school library ran out of volumes so I stopped for a while. However, my library now has a lot more so I picked it up again. I was super excited to see 14 volumes in row on the shelves. I checked them out and I’ve been having a One Piece reading marathon. It’s just as amazing as when I left off. I’ve gotten to Ennies Lobby and I’m loving it. I laughed my butt off and I actually even cried. I don’t cry often even when something is really sad. I don’t know why but there’s just something about One Piece. If you haven’t read One Piece and you’re a fan of action, comedy, shoenen, adventure, then you should start.



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