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First Impressions: Kare Kano

15 MAR

I’ve been watching a lot of shounen lately so I felt like watching some shoujo. I found out that Kare Kano and His and Her Circumstances are same and that all of the episodes are up on Hulu for free and are legal with subs. I thought that this was awesome and I really wanted to watch it. However, I just barely got through the first episode. It seemed to take so long and I just wanted to stop but I reminded myself to always watch the entire episode to give it chance. I didn’t like it at all. Although the animation is old, the quality was still lacking in comparison to what else was out at the same time. There were weird stills and chibis. The music was very bland. The seiyuu for Yukino annoyed me. I think that the manga is ok but still tolerable. However, I’m seriously considering dropping this. If it gets better, please let me know.

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xzxzxz150 avatar xzxzxz150
Nov 1, 2013

I agree with you animation can be a little bad from time to time, but I watch to the latest episodes. most likely because I look at it because I like the characters, and this is my personal opinion but I seems that the animation became worse before it became better.

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