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February Favorites


February Favorites:


Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka: I wrote this in my First Impressions blog already but I have been liking this one. I’m not a fan of ecchi so I usually get turned off by shows with it and I tend not to give it try. However, I’m trying to be a little bit more open-minded and I gave this a shot. I still don’t like the fan service but it is hilarious. It’s so random and out there and I love the parodies. I mean: vampire ninja, drug dog demon, whale in the sky, cuteness, extreme jenga and badminton, etc. It’s freaking hilarious. It’s also very sweet in its own way. It’s high on my list of entertainment for this month. When I finish it, expect a review. One thing I’m pretty sure is that you’re probably going to see this again in my March Favorites.

MM!: I just finished the first season of D.Gray-Man and Yumeiro Patisseire is currently in filler land so I’m treating myself to something that’s not on my stalled list. I’ve been wanting to pick this up for a while so I finally decided to do it. The summary itself caught my interest as being something that probably doesn’t involve a brain but should be extremely entertaining and funny. It ended up being ok but it got enough laughs to be on this lists. Check out the review.

NANA: I wrote a review about this about I loved it. It was like the manga in anime form which was wonderful. I finished probably within a little over a week and I’d probably rewatch it too. I don’t say that much especially with longer series. It was drama, romance, music and so much more. I’ve also been listening to NANA best album nonstop. I love it. I think Olivia Lufkin has a beautiful voice. AHHHH, I just love it.



D.Gray-Man: I started D.Gray-Man a while ago and I kind of stopped because I was in the mood for something shoujo-y. I kind of forgot about it (this happens a lot) and I was reminded to start it again. I think I probably mixed this with the anime which I’m currently in filler land which isn’t fun. It’s not awful but it is disappointing. However, I’m really glad I starting reading the manga again because it was really good. I really like Jasdevi together and in their separate forms. However, this whole people disappearing thing is making me really sad. I’m not accepting that they’re dead. They can’t be and they weren’t. Also, I’ve been enjoying this enough that it’s now my wallpaper. It’s interesting because I’m almost to the part where the anime ends. It’s exciting and sad a little bit.

Kodocha: I love it. I started it a while ago but I haven’t had a chance to go to a library to read them. However, I finally got access to one thanks to my awesome roommate. I love it. I love how it gets serious and the drama and romance. The art is lacking but once I finish it I’ll write a review for it.

The Wallflower: It is HILARIOUS. I haven’t had access to it but I finally got my hands on some volumes and OMG, I laughed so hard! It’s just full of win.


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