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October Favorites

31 OCT

Sorry that October has been lacking L


Lovely Complex-I know I may have wrote this already but I love it. It’s one of my favorite romantic comedies. It’s just so cute and adorable. They’re both idiots but their lovable idiots. Ah, I need to go find the live action movie because I need more lovely complex ^_^


Nana- I know I wrote about this last month but I got really into in October. I went from volume 1 although the way to the most recent chapter in the span of two weeks. It is quite a whirlwind and I’m sooo sad about what just happened (I’ll try not to give away spoilers). If you want something that has drama, comedy and romance, read Nana. It has all three and plenty of it. The characters are a little messed up though. Also, I hope the best for Ai Yazawa.

Chobits: Minus the ecchi, I’m really loving chobits. I’ve always liked Clamp’s work and this is no exceptions. I’m not quite done yet but I just ate up the volumes. It’s really deep and I love the message about technology. Funny enough, I’m learning about this in my Humanities class and I think I’ll tell my professor about it ^_^ The ecchi is really unnecessary and so the little harem thing that seems to be happening. I’d probably like Hideki more if he wasn’t so perverted. However, Chi is the just the cutest thing on the planet. A review should be coming up as soon as I finish it.

Paradise Kiss- I needed more Ai Yazawa so I tried Paradise Kiss. I recently wrote a review about which expressed my views about it. I want to try the anime pretty soon. 

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