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May Favorites


Now that summer is here, these are going to be a little longer :)


D.Gray-Man: I love it. At first, I only watched the first four episodes because that is all that Funimation has put out, but they're putting out more and it is amazing. I love the music, the dialog, the characters, the plot (fillers are starting to tire me), the music, and I think I've got it all covered. Allen is just adorable and the villians are just so evil. Even though the Millennium Earl is a complete douchebag, he makes an amazing villain. Only really evil things would take advantage of someone who just lost their loved ones. I think it's really deep. Also, I was not expecting this to be as funny as it is but I can just laugh my head off. Also, I'm loving Miranda and Lavi. Miranda is just adorable ^^ and Lavi. Ah, Lavi.

Hetalia: This makes me want to learn about European history which is my least favorite subject. That is how much I love it. They're short but it's a good time length for them. I love the depictions. It's a fine line between offensive and hilarious. The characters are just awesome and I can never look at Italy the same. I'm watching Reborn! now as well but I keep thinking "pastaaaaaa". That and Chibitalia has to be one the most adorable creations ever made. I just want to pick up little Italy and hug him/her. This is also one of the animes I've seen that I could recommend to older people. 

Kaichou  wa Maid-Sama: I love this shoujo. The background is atrocious but that is the only problem I have encountered. It's just soo cute and Misaki-Usui are one of my all-time favorite couples. It's just bursting with shoujo cuteness. The added greatness to Maid-Sama is that Misaki is a smart, independent, fiesty, not-superficial, not-selfish female lead. I have trouble meeting girls like that in shoujos. So this is so refreshing. Also, she's pretty easy on the eyes especially in that maid uniform. And Usui is just perfect. I find him a blend of Kei from Special A and Ikuto from Shugo Chara which is one hell of an awesome mix. I can't wait for more episodes of this to come out. 


Kaichou wa Maid-Sama: Similar to what I said about the anime except the background are great. My girly side comes out when I read this because it's just so sweet. I could just read the entire thing over again, it's that good. I mean the pocky scene, romeo/juliet scene, the rooftop/lollipop scene........and just so many more. They just need to realize they are dating and love each other. Anyone who is a shoujo lover needs to read this. Also, this is apparently beating out Skip Beat as one of the top shoujo on OneManga. It's a force to be reckoned with. Also, Damn Usui is FINE. 

Black Bird: I think I've just been in a shoujo mood this month because that's basically what I've been reading. First time I picked up Black Bird I thought the description was a little weird and I didn't want to try. I finally picked it up and I'm glad that I did. Although not my favorite characters, I just find it so addicting. I read it all in one sitting and I'm hoping for the new chapter. It's more sexual than what I usually read but not too bad. It's definitely under Air Gear but over Vampire Knight. Taro also has to be the cutest thing. It's also freaking hilarious. I completely recommend this for shoujo lovers.

Skip Beat: I watched Skip Beat this past winter and I have picked up the manga. My library only had the first five volumes but I got them all and devoured them. Kyoko is one my favorites. She is just so funny and her expressions are just priceless. I can't not enjoy Skip Beat. I'm not to particular to the way Nakamura-san draws her males, but I love chibi Ren. I'm really rooting for KyokoxRen. Shotaro needs to get out the way. But Skip Beat is just.........so amazing. I can't really think of another adjective that perfectly describes it but it's one of my all time favorite shoujos now. Also, I think I almost died of laughter when Kyoko tells Ren that Corn is a fairy XDDDDDD I absolutely love this. 

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