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March Favorites

31 MAR

So I thought I would utilize the blog feature on AP so I finally did. I got this idea from those beauty videos from YouTube where makeup and beauty gurus show what their favorites where doing a certain month. So instead of beauty stuff, it's going to be anime and manga. 


One Piece- When I first started getting into anime and first heard of one piece, I thought I would never watch it. I kept thinking that Luffy looked weird. Now, after starting to read one piece, I started watching the anime and I love it. The emotional scenes aren't as good as the manga and some of the soundtrack isn't that great either. However, the rest is just awesome. It's funny, kooky, and full of fun. Even the fillers aren't that bad. I'll definitely be continuing this.

Katekyo Hitman REBORN!- So I started this a long time ago and kind of just quit for the moment because of the fillers. But I started playing the piano and one of the songs I was playing was Tsuna Awakens (song is so hard but so worth it). So that lead to me watching the second opening and I went "Woah!". First, Tsuna looks pretty fine when he's serious. So I wanted to get to this part and I picked REBORN! up again. It was hilarious and it finally got intense and I'm loving it right now. My sister wants to watch it with me so I have to go on hiatus until she comes home :'(


Gakuen Alice:  So I've had the first five volumes of Gakuen Alice for almost half a year and I haven't really been reading them. So on spring vacation, I started to read them and I fell in love. I couldn't wait for the rest to come in English so I read them online. It was probably a span of four days that I got completely caught up from volume 6 to volume 20. The anime does not even come close to the drama that goes down in the manga. I would definitely recommend the manga to anyone who loves the anime. I literally check online daily to see if a new chapter is up. I am completely addicted and love this. Also, NatsumexMikan all the way. And Higuchi is just a cutie. LOVE SO MUCH!

One Piece: So my school had the first 21 volumes of one piece available. Since they were there, I thought about starting and I am so glad I decided to do that. One Piece is just a great piece of shonen. It's everything that the anime is except no fillers and done much better. That and the mangaka is hilarious and adorable. 

REBORN!- I just started but already love this. It's so funny and the art is great. Character designs are dead on and, oh, I can just go on and on. Reborn is my current favorite in the manga. That and I just love how Gokudera-kun smokes to light up his dynamites :D In the anime, it looks like he's pyrotechnic because they just light up. Those who haven't read it, READ IT! I can't see someone not laughing. 

That's all for the month of March. I'll try to keep this up ^^

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Esper26 avatar Esper26
May 30, 2010

hmm..... I think One piece the manga is better then the anime, better story line. The vioce acting always missed up the anime so I mainly watch my anime sub but how much better is One piece now that it's owned by Funimation? Last time I saw it One piece it was owned  by 4kids and that kind of killed One piece for me but if Funimation fixed One piece I'll pick it back up!

Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Apr 6, 2010

aaaaah but i think the one piece anime is better than the manga :P. I just feel a story can't be alive as much when it doesn't have motion and, more importantly, good voice actors. I deeply love the voice actor of Zoro :D. So sexy.

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