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Spring Favorites

26 MAY

Well, I've been slightly on hiatsus because I had nothing to write but now I do!


A Certain Magical Index: I heard a lot about this and in all honesty, it hasn't really lived up to it's name. Maybe it'll improve because there is a lot of hype. Funimation just started putting episodes up so I was excited. Index is annoying though and I don't like the bs that they come up with (vectors, really. I know what a vector is and I can tell when you make things up).

Boku wa Tomodachi: I was reading the manga and I thought I would watch the anime as well. It's ok but I like the manga a lot better. I feel the fanservice lowers the quality :(


Nodame Cantabile: Just wrote a review but I loved this. I didn't like Nodame at first but she actually grew on me. That hardly ever happens. I loved music and I slowly plan on listening to it all. I have a appreciation for classical music and I like seeing it done with justice.

Boku wa Tomodachi: Just randomly picked this up and I think it's absolutely hilarious. I really like and if you want a laugh, it's definitely a good one. It definitely has some mature humour though.


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