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School Days

Nov 20, 2010

School Days may look like a good anime at first, and it is. But once you finish the series, you'll see how fucked up it really is. I would only recommend this one to guys who have cheated, or are thinking of cheating on there girlfriends. I gave it a 1 out 5 because it a good anime, but i wish i never started watching.

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Noobert Aug 19, 2011

I must disagree i'm afraid. Sure it was fucked up but the way it portraid everything and the way it developed was really outstanding. Even though I hate most characters and episodes, its still one of my faviourite animes. Also it basically sums up what would happen to you if you tried to form a real life harrem, when said harrem consists of yandere and psychotic girls. lol

Jate Feb 6, 2011

I comepletely agree with you, I was spoiled by a comment when I just started watching ep. 1 and I figured if what the person said was true, I would not continue watching the series, so I found a clip of the ending on youtube and decided to watch it, and I'm glad I did, I'm glad I saw the ending like that and not after wasting my time watching the entire series first.

NoCheerios Jan 6, 2011

Haha your review is basically a shorter and more fair version of mine :P

Tyr162000 Nov 24, 2010


and it would deff keep a guy from cheating!!