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Check my life wasted at anime.. I dont regret a second of it!

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deaztr avatar deaztr


Apr 15, 2010

Hmm, så kul var det väl inte? :S Det var ju inte så att jag drog ett uber skämt liksom..

deaztr avatar deaztr


Apr 14, 2010

Angående din senaste comment, jaså? :P Ska prova att se den i helgen kanske :) Har för mig att det var lite romance i den.. Läste lite om den på en sida

deaztr avatar deaztr


Apr 14, 2010

Tittar redan på Fairy Tale, har dock fastnat på ep 10 typ:P ;) Och, ja.. Det var de den handlade om :)

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Apr 14, 2010


Also Mokona for the win! =D

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


Apr 13, 2010

hehe, well I started seeing anime in the 90's. And it has taken me this long to see this much, when I was 17 I had only seen 8 or so. So you have eclipsed me.

I love a fellow anime fan.  Also there is always someone who has seen more. Have you seen Chii or purplemo's page?  They have seen more than me.

Look them up they have seen everything haha.

Anyhow. Stay in touch. Thank you for the comment =D I like your list. I really need to see more Hitman reborn!

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