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Top 10 Anime

TOP OVERALL AT THE MOMENT: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

2. Angel Beats

3. To Love Ru

4. Seto No Hanayome

5. Kuroshitsuji

6. Toradora

7. Lucky Star

8. K-On!

9. Full Metal Alchemist

10.The Meloncaly of Haruhi Suzumiya

-Name: Hannah

-Age: 18

-Sex: Female

-Hair Color: Blonde

-Eye Color: Blue

-Hight: 5'7"

-Fav. Food: Taki

-Fav. Snack: Pocky ( chocolate)

-Fav.Ice-cream: Blue Raspberry

-Fav. Animal: Fox

-Fav. Emoticon: (=

-Fav.Com.Game: Stepmania/Tera online/Scarlet Blade

-Fav. Video Game: Kingdom Hearts ( 1, 2 and C.O.M), and Guitar Hero

Hobbys: Drawing, reading, writing poetry, playing drums, watching anime, and  playing video games.

There was once a story, that lie within a book of Love,

One of two moonlit-speckled Lovers whose hearts were bound by strands,

far apart though they were they always found a way through,

of course, everything is better..when you have two.

And so as these lovers were, there came a saddening day,

the wishes and the wants they had received a small delay,

one minute hopes are high, the next minute filled with cries,

these cries fell down like raindrops fall, could they see each other at all?

Not right now, but they knew, each would help the other pull through,

for one day in this Mis-matched world, the sun would shine again.

These fate bound lovers would in fact one day,

see each other again where the others heart lay,

So far apart though they seem, time is but a thing,

and all in all it won't be long,

till they are to see the other again.

Until then, they will have to wait..happiness is lacking,

but in the end it will be great, and the Lovers will be laughing.


First, to tidy his clothes:

Then, dressing up for work:

Waking up the other servants:

Then dressing his Master:

Cooking for his Master:

Serving food:

Making desserts:

Eating it:

Closing up:

Teaching his Master:

(Playing Solo):

Looking through his works:

Working through tea:

In bathing:

Out of the house:

Carrier (Literally):

Going back home:

Ending the day:

Now THAT'S one Hell of a Butler! ;)

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TanimeBlue Nov 15, 2013

Don't forget about me D:, jk. Hopefully I don't come off as a major jerk replying to your comment so late but I've abandoned this account long ago and go under the name of MrRaindrop now. And cool if I was your first comment, hopefully you've enjoyed your time on a-p like I have :d

spitzfire Jan 4, 2013

Merry Christmas hope you've been well! what've you been watching lately?

SinTheory Jun 7, 2012

Hello! I have'nt been on this site in forever. So ive been going around and saying hi to    all the people Iused to talk to here. So how are you? 

SinTheory Dec 30, 2011

I know its late, and you havent been on in over a month, but Merry Christmas! Oh and have a good New Year!!!!! :D

SinTheory Nov 26, 2011

It sucks you dont really come one here anymore :(. But when you do! How are you!? How are things?