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I've enjoyed animation of all sorts for as long as I can remember watching television.  Anime has been a large part of my viewing history.  But back then I was more familiar with the longer term for it, Japanimation.  

My first few anime that I can remember include, Voltron, Robotech, Vampire Hunter D, Unico, Robot Carnival & Nausicaa during the '80s.  I'm sure I've seen other anime during this time, but back then Anime was fairly difficult to get access to, so I probably saw some middle episodes of various series.  It was also very expensive to get access to anime back then, and I didn't have much money to spend when I was young.

There is another mysterious anime I vaguely recall, but could never identify it.  It basically had a hero who drove a car into some sort of truck like thing which transformed into a giant robot.  I think it may have been a movie, because the hero dies at the end.  I remember that part, because when I was a child, I believe I cried my little eyeballs out (figuretively).  I believe it aired on television in the 80s.  Can anyone else name this?

The '90s unlocked a lot of new anime for me, including Ranma1/2, Record of Lodoss Wars, anime on Sci-fi saturday morning anime, and late night anime on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.  This is also the era where I started to rent anime in VHS from movie rental stores like Blockbuster.

I generally dislike super long never-seem-to-end anime series.  I can watch the early seasons of such, but generally feel bored at the never ending cyclical feel to them.  I actually really appreciate movies & short series more.

Although not anime, I also enjoyed the Asterix & Obelix animated movies, Secret of Nym, Peter-No-Tail, American Tale, as well as Disney animated films.

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wtfilltryit Apr 29, 2014

*ping pong the animation

wtfilltryit Apr 29, 2014

Good show so far and i wonder why more people dont like/enjoy it