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Morning. (If you get to know me you will realise that regardless of the time, this will be my standard greeting.)

Another thing you will realise is that after some sentences brackets appear. (The text within can sometimes be informative, sometimes annoying.)

Feel free to recommend an anime or manga. I usually lurk and you may be unlucky enough to receive a PM from me asking where that graphic which you just posted was from. (Or alternatively where that graphic in your signature and/or avatar is from.)

Feel free to leave a comment about anything. (Just a little note, I may not always be the one using the account.)

By the way, my name is Richard. (Although, b00bl3t and Dick do work.)

Regardless of everything, there needs to be a lot more shoujo-ai anime.

Have a nice day. (Anything below this is an optional read, mainly because I want to pretend that everything above is compulsory reading.)

Categorisation Explanation:

Watched: Anime that I have watched completely.

Want to watch: Anime that I intend to obtain so I can watch it.

Watching: Anime I am actively watching.

Stalled: Anime that I have obtained, that is next in line to watch.

Dropped: Anime that I have been watching, and I have become bored of, and intend to pick up at a later time.

Won't Watch: Anime that I will not want to watch. Ever.

Thank you list:

AP. (The staff and members.)

Doremi Fansubs.

Lillilicious Scanlations.

3WA Fansubs.

Aero Fansubs.

Coalguys Fansubs.

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MoonSlayer says...

I actually had no idea that it doesn't XD It migth be from the time when nekka and I worshipped Hab and put his statues in our signatures, and then I somehow managed to link it to my singature instead of his profile and then everything got kinda messed up...

Jan 7, 2010
TheOmnipotentLemur says...

Oh, its a premade. Got it.

Anyway, a custom sig is a signature made to look somewhat like an AP sig, but hosted outside of AP to allow for better image quality.

Jan 6, 2010
TheOmnipotentLemur says...

Just wanted to pop in and say that your Siggy kicks ass.

(you should consider using a custom sig to avoid the low image quality, though)

Jan 5, 2010
x5ga says...

Hi :)

Yes, I've been watching a lot of shoujo-ai lately and I've found it to be perfect for me :D Nice shoujo-ai list you have here

Jan 5, 2010
wanryavka says...

Chii has been infecting more and more ppl lately.  I stay imune tho for some reason.

Dec 23, 2009