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Morning. (If you get to know me you will realise that regardless of the time, this will be my standard greeting.)

Another thing you will realise is that after some sentences brackets appear. (The text within can sometimes be informative, sometimes annoying.)

Feel free to recommend an anime or manga. I usually lurk and you may be unlucky enough to receive a PM from me asking where that graphic which you just posted was from. (Or alternatively where that graphic in your signature and/or avatar is from.)

Feel free to leave a comment about anything. (Just a little note, I may not always be the one using the account.)

By the way, my name is Richard. (Although, b00bl3t and Dick do work.)

Regardless of everything, there needs to be a lot more shoujo-ai anime.

Have a nice day. (Anything below this is an optional read, mainly because I want to pretend that everything above is compulsory reading.)

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Kari5 Jan 26, 2010

Ovah claimed "Ohayou" is written "ohayoo", which is totally false :p I actually study Japanese in university. It's written おはよう O-ha-yo-u. If she actually spoke Japanese, she would know how to spell it ^-^;

ovch Jan 26, 2010

Don't be embarrassed, it isn't a huge deal.

I understand the age thing, so I won't press. I'm glad to know you aren't a 12-year-old, though, if that's comforting at all.

Serial Experiments Lain was good. It hooked me in about the 3rd episode I believe, and I spent most of the show wondering whether I really liked it or just had to know what the hell was going on. The last two episodes were pretty damn amazing, and were what made me give it 5 stars. I think you might like it if you give it a shot.

Aoi Hana is cute and I'll definitely check out your other recommendation as well. Nothing will beat Strawberry Panic, though. [;

And--yes. I'm a filmmaker. If you're interested, I can give you some information on some films I've done/am currently working on. In fact, I'm directing a short that I'm shooting next weekend and the one following (www.dreamdollmovie.blogspot.com).

ovch Jan 25, 2010

Hmm... Well, first things first:

I speak Japanese and it is actually spelled "ohayoo" if you want to fix that in your profile. That aside...

I appreciate the horror genre for several reasons. The first is probably somewhat tied with my occupation, which is filmmaking. I grew up scared to death of horror and thriller films until I began making them. Now I can see past the party tricks and I really appreciate the hard work put into them. As I am also a bit of an animator, the same goes for horror anime--something I'd never be able to accomplish well myself, as I don't have the patience for that sort of art.

Basically, what I'm saying there is that it is more "beautiful" and "artistic" to me than regular romance or slice of life animes simply because of the process, although that would probably sound silly to anyone but myself. Also, the plotlines tend to intrigue me more and be a little more original. I'm not easily confused by psychological genres because I'm a very abstract thinker by nature, so it's easy for me to appreciate the ones that "don't make any sense"--like Serial Experiments Lain.

Shoujo-Ai is my guilty pleasure, and a big one at that. I am a lesbian so it's like watching romance that is closer to my heart. I just have trouble getting into the ones that wield giant robots and such. I started watching Aoi Hana and am on Episode 4 currently--I like it a lot. Akira reminds me greatly of myself, and Fumi reminds me of my roommate, who happens to be the love of my life. It's adorable.

By the way, do you mind me asking your age?

ovch Jan 25, 2010

Hello, Richard.

Well, FUBU gets better toward the end so if you pick it back up, the second half will be better than the first.

What don't you like about horror/mindfk genres?

ovch Jan 24, 2010

Fruits Basket was cute for what it was. There were a couple of parts that were really emotional for me on a personal level so it may have a different meaning for you. That aside, it wasn't my absolute favorite. I liked it and was able to watch it but it wasn't extremely memorable. It's one of those things you have to watch to say you've seen it, and you may like it more than I did.

I enjoy romance anime (shoujo-ai excluded because I see those a little differently) for what they are but I'm sort of an avant-garde kind of girl and I really appreciate horror and mindfuck things the most. 

I have made a list of all of the "want to watch" shoujo-ai animes that I can see and a few mangas for when I'm in a reading mood. I'll have to check them out and see what stands out to me the most. Like I said, I'm pretty picky.

And don't worry about me disappearing. This little dude is connected straight to my e-mail so even if I go inactive on the site, if you comment me I'll see it and respond. We'll be like BFFs.

Speaking of which, your name is...?