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Morning. (If you get to know me you will realise that regardless of the time, this will be my standard greeting.)

Another thing you will realise is that after some sentences brackets appear. (The text within can sometimes be informative, sometimes annoying.)

Feel free to recommend an anime or manga. I usually lurk and you may be unlucky enough to receive a PM from me asking where that graphic which you just posted was from. (Or alternatively where that graphic in your signature and/or avatar is from.)

Feel free to leave a comment about anything. (Just a little note, I may not always be the one using the account.)

By the way, my name is Richard. (Although, b00bl3t and Dick do work.)

Regardless of everything, there needs to be a lot more shoujo-ai anime.

Have a nice day. (Anything below this is an optional read, mainly because I want to pretend that everything above is compulsory reading.)

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Won't Watch: Anime that I will not want to watch. Ever.

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ThePatches May 17, 2010

You're watching Mannabi?!?

cassie and I are starting tomorrow, and considering joint review (too tempting, since it's in therik's Top 5). What do you think?

Panta Mar 16, 2010

I'm good thank you. Forced myself to go out for food instead of ordering take-away :P Us students, huh?

I believe I saw Gokujou Drops while I was reading Hanjuku Joshi, is it not by the same mangaka? I'll give it a read anyway. Well now that I know most of your recommendations are shoujo-ai I'll just search for all your posts in that thread :P

One-shots are good in their own right. They follow a structure similar to most short stories. At least, the good ones do.

I want to get Fate/Stay Night finished but the main guy is annoying me as much as Raki from Claymore >.< (Although he isn't as pointless and useless as Raki).

Well, I'm gonna chow down on my extra hot chicken wrap before it gets cold. Talk soon dude =]

Panta Mar 16, 2010

G'day b00bl3t. How are we today?

D'Eon picked it's knuckles up after ten episodes or so. Though I'm in the process of stalling it for the moment. Really hate doing that with anything. Although with books it adds a flavour of anticipation when you want to read the next book in series.

Regarding shoujo-ai I forget where my interest originated but Girl Friends was the last I can remember starting, first. Got through that entirely up to the most recent chapter - then, chapter 29 - in one day. Luuuurved it. Then I followed that up with Hanjuku Joshi, which, I suppose, dealt with the more sexually-aware relationships. (Something you just advised not to read until later, haha). Though I do applaud Hanjuku for being cleverly down-to-earth, with how it dealt with aspects of overcoming self-conscious behaviour. Noticed that wasn't on your list so I'll recommend it :)

At the moment, I'm waiting on Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan. Slow paced as it is.

Talk soon :)

Panta Mar 13, 2010


Yeah I do like Blood+ but I feel it's dragging itself out at the moment. Lots of unnecessary dialogue that wouldn't detract from the story, should it have been avoided. I've given it a break while I watch Vandread and Le Chevalier D'Eon.

Been scanning your lists, looking for things of interest. I noticed you also have a shoujo-ai list ^^ Looking into that.

I have been wanting to check out Madlax but I'm abit indifferent about political shows. Any input?

Well, ciao, for now, b00bl3t ;P

ovch Feb 2, 2010

Weird. On your profile, I'm listed as your friend, but not on mine?I wonder why that is. 

How've you been?