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Morning. (If you get to know me you will realise that regardless of the time, this will be my standard greeting.)

Another thing you will realise is that after some sentences brackets appear. (The text within can sometimes be informative, sometimes annoying.)

Feel free to recommend an anime or manga. I usually lurk and you may be unlucky enough to receive a PM from me asking where that graphic which you just posted was from. (Or alternatively where that graphic in your signature and/or avatar is from.)

Feel free to leave a comment about anything. (Just a little note, I may not always be the one using the account.)

By the way, my name is Richard. (Although, b00bl3t and Dick do work.)

Regardless of everything, there needs to be a lot more shoujo-ai anime.

Have a nice day. (Anything below this is an optional read, mainly because I want to pretend that everything above is compulsory reading.)

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ThePatches Sep 2, 2010

Still in the middle. It got bumped from 3.5/5 -> 4/5 when I realized that the second act was going to be ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM THE FIRST. I have to finish DMC before I can let myself review ANYTHING else, but I might be able to collect my thoughts on this one.


Panta Jun 2, 2010

Haven't seen one mentioned. Some of the mangas I'm reading at the moment seem to be on hiatus too :\ Oh well, drop us a message if you find anymore good shoujo-ai.

~ Pan

ThePatches May 28, 2010

In regard to Manabi: Cassie and I are in the process of writing a novel joint-review. We're basically on the same page. It was pretty, but VERY confused about what it wanted to be.

Obvs, I was held to the series partially by the Mikan/Mei shipping, but you could have guessed that without me telling you, right? :P

Cetonis May 25, 2010

El Cazador, huh... hmm, well unlike the other two in the trilogy, (Madlax, Noir) El Cazador is pretty much entirely episodic. Kind of like a Cowboy Bebop / Samurai Champloo sort of deal. (though I couldn't get all the way through either) Personally, I made the mistake while watching El Cazador of expecting that the overall plot would eventually pick up, which made the middle episodes really drag. The story just kind of inches along until the last 4-6 eps or so, usually about 30 seconds to a couple minutes of development each ep. Supposed to be a "journey not destination" thing, I think, and/or something of a character-focused affair.

Overall, it should be a decent watch so long as you don't expect too much plot-wise, most of the one shots are entertaining enough and it finishes pretty strong. A couple notably good characters as well. Not the best show out there by any stretch of the imagination, (you'd probably be better off with Michiko to Hatchin for something in the same vein) but it's not bad if you're just looking to complete the trilogy or want to cooldown after a great series with something that's just kind of alright.

Panta May 20, 2010

Hey dude. Yeah, been caught up with alot of work and revision for Uni.

I'm good thanks, and how about yourself?

~ Pan