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Not a whole lot to say, really. Writer. Amateur Voice Actor. Many other things besides.

Quick guide to my personal little anime database:

Watched - I only put completed series here. Ongoing series that I am up to date with go in my "watching" section, since it'll be impossible to have finished them until they are complete.

Watching - The section contains both series that I am currently watching from beginning to end and ongoing series I am keeping up with.

Want to Watch - Self-explanatory.

Stalled - This section contains anime I intend to finish someday, just not right now, usually because I either lost my source of episodes or just got bored and switched to something else for a while.

Dropped - Anime I do not intend to finish. Occasionally I will stop watching an anime to read the manga instead (as is the case with Tsubasa Chronicle and others), so if I got significantly far into an anime and then dropped it, this is usually the reason. And then of course sometimes I just don't like certain shows.

Won't Watch - Mostly contains anime aimed at younger audiences or within a genre I'm not interested in.

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Sheex Jan 15, 2008

Well written rec for FMA <---> D-gray Man; just passed through it while doing edits and it caught my eye.  I notice you only have a couple recs written thus far, though - you should definitely write more, they are quite helpful!  See you around!

sothis Oct 31, 2007

Hey hey, fantastic first recommendations!! I'm super glad you've signed up to create them. Let me know if you ever have any questions about stuff, and welcome! :D PS:  fill out your profile sometime! ^_^