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Storyline Stress

25 NOV

Wow, I haven't written in like 5 days. That's sort of weird for me. Well, it's understandable since I've been writing my own stuff in word lately. I've been obsessing over more yaoi, haha. I also started the manga of one of my favorite anime: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Watching the anime was wonderful but almost painful. I just want to kick Ritsu in the face sometimes. It's like COME ON JUST GIVE INNNN, you know? Plus that other asshole that keeps butting in. Jeeze, it's hard enough without your input you jealous bum. I've also gotten really into one shot manga. It's kind of relaxing to get the ahhhh everything worked out without all the huge slashing of my feels for hours of episodes or chapters. I can only put my heart through so much, haha. The only bummer with one shots is that a lot of them aren't on here so I can't rate them or add them to my read quota. It kind of bums me out. Anyway, if you're like me and just need some releif of that hair pulling, teeth gridning stress you get from watching two people fumble over their own feet with their hands in their asses for nine tenths of an episode before you get two minutes of what you want, then read some one shot manga. Cuts through the bullshit. It's like hey you're cute, I'm cute, let's do it, done. I love it, haha. But, I also go all of nothing lol. It's either 80 to 130 chapters like Ouran or Wallflower or one shots. Well, that's not true. I loved Alice and a bunch of others that were somewhere in the middle. And ughhhh there's a manga that hasn't been updated translationwise since 2009 and it ended on a cliffhanger! I mean what kind of shit is thaaaat?

Speaking of waiting and shit, I just want all of Ozmafia! nowwwwww. I need it now. And I still can't find a copy of the Alice otome game that will work. I don't even mind if it's in Japanese, I just want it so bad. La Corda D'Oro too if anyone knows a good place to download it. I have a translation program already, so just the game, no patches needed. I will say that I downloaded and played (P)lanets a couple times through. It's free and in english. I thought it was alright. Once you play through once you need to skip a lot or you get bored but after a few choices you get some different story line stretches but not too much. I wanted something drastic, but really it's only the boyfriend and his own drama that changes. The heroine gets the same old crap for herself every time so far. I just want one of the Good ones though, you know? Like Alice, La Corda, Ozmafia!, or Diabolik Lovers. I'd love playing one of those. Not to mention there's two DL games now since one came out in October I think.

Oh well, yay blog writing. If anyone has some suggestions on where I can find otome game downloads or recommendations on mange or anime from what I mention or rate, please let me know. =]


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