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18 NOV


I. Am. So. Effing. Happy. This had the best ending ever ever ever. I am so happy she ended up with Len. I couldn't be happier. He was my favorite from the very beginning. AHHHHH YAYYYY. That story is just soooo good! The manga is best, but lately I've thought that about everything, haha. But seriously, so so so so so so good. It has to be my favorite manga so far. Dare I say even more than Ouran! That's huge. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyyyy. Does anybody else have a love hate relationship for Yunoki? I really like how the dynamic between him and Hino worked out. It was pretty fun. As for him hating her, she had it totally wrong. If anything she's the closest to him since she's the only one who sees the true side of him. And jeeze does that guy invade personal space? There are no boundaries with him. I wish Len had gone to that dance and danced with Hino. I love when everyone falls in love. It's too bad everyone can't get what they want. If I were Hino, if I couldn't have Len, I say Shimizu allll the wayyyy. He's just so cute! I really want to get the game. I would play the shit out of it. This is most likely my favorite reverse harem. I would live in this world no problem. My other tops are Alice in the Country of Hearts and Ouran. I love the characters. In Alice in the Country of Hearts, I'd go with Blood Dupre, no hesitation. FOr Ouran, Hikaru is the only way to go. He's always been my favorite as well. So I'll just have my own personal reverse harem with them, haha. Polygamy! This is worth it, lol. I'm so happy. I haven't read something and loved the end so much in a long time. The story is just sooo good. This is my favorite love story. Finally something that doesn't have a huge horribleness and then try to fix it half heartedly in three pages. This was wonderful. Everyone should read it.


default avatar vivienluvrm
Dec 18, 2013

I SUPER DUPER DUPER agree with you!!! La Corda the best reverse harem!!! awwww! Len is so DAMNNNN handsome!!!!!!!!! :3

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