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Ouran Manga Thoughts (Spoilers)

15 NOV

Alright, I need to work out some thoughts. I'm on chapter 59 of the manga. As of now Hikaru and Kaoru are aware of their romatic feelings for Haruhi. We all know Tamaki is head over heels for her but is in a state of complete denial. Since Tamaki has kissed Haruhi on the forehead twice, she is coming to terms with a love for Tamaki. This is driving me crazy because I've always wanted her to hit it off with Hikaru. ALWAYS. Hikaru is my favorite. I wish it will work out with them. I mean Haruhi and Tamaki makes sense but all my fanfiction is Haruhi and Hikaru, I NEED IT. Plus, Hikaru is completely aware of how he feels now. He wants her, he should do something. Kaoru is right in the idea that Hikaru might get rejected but it would have been better for him to speak up or at least make them closer before now. HE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING.  In one of my fanfictions I have him getting close little by little. He becomes her thunderstorm companion and the twins kind of pull their twincest over to Haruhi occasionally. They randomly hold her hands and are always with her. Hikaru kisses her cheek first and such. Eventually he kisses her and things blossom into BEAUTIFUL WONDERNESS. I suppose if Tamaki and Haruhi get together I won't hate it. I did root for him in the beginning, but Hikaru is actively aware of it now. I want it to be Hikaru soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Haruhi thinks Tamaki doesn't feel love for her so Hikaru may still have time. I've also had a few ideas of the twins sharing her but that doesn't especially work romantically. Oh well. I guess the only thing I can do is keep reading. I never want it to end though so I think I'll take another break and read other stuff. So much has happened in the chapters I've read lately so I should have a break and mull it over. Also, it's my favorite series ever of book, shows, movies, anime, manga. I'm not ready for it to end, haha.

Again, if you haven't, get in on the Ouran High School Host Club action. It's necessary for a fulfilling existance haha.


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