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I've finally started reading my first manga. And of course it had to be Ouran, what else? =D

I don't know if anyone else has read it who also loves the show, but if you haven't you neeeeed to. I love it. There's extra stuff and swapped things, but I like it a lot. Kyoya is less of an ass in a weird way. Plus, there's just more! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm so happy. I just can't get enough. Some of the anime is shot for shot too, so that seems super cool to me. And so much of it is just so beautiful to me. However, I did miss the Hikaru and Haruhi caught up in the net scene, it's one of my favorites. The way the arrogance drains from Hikaru as he becomes really concious of Haruhi's body is just so ahhhh. Maybe it'll be later in the manga, maybe not, either way, all is amazing.

Something that is majorly plaguing me though is that I can't find the Brothers Conflict light novel anywhere. It's killing meeee. I need it. If anyone has a link or something, I'd love it. I found the first chapter translated, but nothing after that. I need more.

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