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0.5: Worthless, terrible, turkey, bad writing, lame, big barrel of nonsense, deadly dull, appalling, it's such a pain to watch. Were the writers high or something? ≖_≖ What did i just watch exactly ? ˚▱˚ 

1.0: It's entertaining on some level but too many flaws ruin the experience (rough draft, clichés, incoherent storyline, questionable continuity, bad directing, it doesn't bring anything to the table, thin story, poor plot/background development and cardboard characters, cheesy, Moe overdose, after-taste of déjà vu, feeling of incompleteness, too basic, poor execution, caricatures and banality, dubious animation, soulless, awkward narrative style, disappointing, dafuq, distracting but nothing special, meh...).˚•_•˚

1.5: Somehow interesting & catchy, it has good ideas and looks promising although sometimes confusing and a bit predictable, somewhat disappointed in a way (far below my expectations, untapped potential) it could have been more exciting but it misses the spark/coherency needed to take the watcher into the story in a convenient way. Nonetheless, it stirs up some interest. To summarize, it's fairly enjoyable, relevant and funny to watch but it's not fully convincing though.

2.0: Above average. Pretty solid, good emotions will surround you. It's definitely an interesting Anime worth watching. ☉⏝⚆

2.5: I'd recommend this with no hesitation at all, truly a classic !!

3.0: Certainly a must-see.

3.5: You reached the ecstasy that you dreamed of. This is one of the best experiences that you can have with Anime. ❤‿❤

4.0: A masterpiece.

4.5: This changed my life for ever, innocence gone. (▰˘◡˘▰)

5.0: This is Heaven on Earth, so perfection does exist. \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ

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