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Crayon Shin-chan

Sep 21, 2012

Oh man, this is comedy done right! The writing in this show is just astounding, and every anime needs to take a page out of it's book.

So we begin our look at the show with its core, the characters. All are so unique, and the clashing personalities make for such fun times around the Shin Chan household.

First, we have Shin Chan himself, lovable little bastard. He's like Stewie Griffin if gay jokes ever became unfunny. (Read: 1987) That is, he's smart, cynical, and way funnier than a kid should ever be.

Then we have the parents, who, in a turn from classic television tropes, are both idiots. (As opposed to the smart mom/dumb dad convention) This, and their proneness for angry out-bursts, result in a large amount of entertainment and/or hilarity!

The baby is just a baby. Cute, but nothing really going on there.

Moving on.

The animation, as always, is pretty bad. But who cares? No action is happening here, but that's ok, it's all in the (Smart and smarmy!) writing. This is a forgivable flaw.

The voice acting is great in some places, bland in others. The role of Shin Chan himself is nailed, he's a smug bastard, and we get that just from the tone of his voice. Who doesn't want to punch this kid?

Everyone else in the show, though, just comes off as blah. Not bad, but nothing significant.

The plots of the episodes are self-contained. It is in fact presented like a children's television (Though it's anything but!), in that there are two 15 minute blocs comprising the half hour. There are plots here, they are just short.

The show is ultra-enjoyable, turn it on, hop in and out, and just laugh. It's not something you need to watch every episode of, or catch in sequence, take it lightly, and enjoy yourself.

When it aired it was the best show on Adult Swim, and I feel that channel was the best outlet for the show. Quirky and outrageous, couldn't find a better home.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
9/10 overall

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zolfeK Nov 8, 2012

You're caught up? Where were you able to find all the episodes?