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Death Note

Sep 15, 2012

Hello there children! Do you like to be bored? Do you like people talking at you for a few hours? Do you just love it when people think out loud?

Well I have the show for you. Here we have Death Note, something I thought would be a morbid musical but turns out to be a melodrama with all the excitement of two people playing a game of Chinese Checkers.

Seriously, nothing happens in this show. We are just treated to two men yelling in their minds about what they will do, as opposed to actually doing it. (Comes much later, has much less screen time) It disobeys the basic trope of visual media: "Show not tell." And you know what? The series suffers for it.

But hey, we're granted access into the minds of two people, getting down to their core. This would be nice if the two characters were anyone interesting. But no, all we have are a sociopath and an autistic douche who doesn't know how to operate a chair properly. It's awful.

This whole plot device of their back and forth requires one element for it to work: The audience's attention. Sadly, they can't even get that. They try to raise the moral issue, is it right to kill criminals vigilante style? Well it kind of is, kind of isn't. Given this waffling, who cares if the pro(An? Isn't clear)tagonist is caught? If he is, well he got some of what he deserved. If he isn't, well he keeps dispensing justice. If you had a clear and righteous stances on something so irrelevant to real life, then I suppose this might mean something to you. To the rest of the world, nope.

When they realize the show is boring as hell, they try and gain ratings by killing off a main character. Oh, hey, that can shake up the show! Only no, because they replace him with virtually the same person. Hair color is different, and nothing else.

Again, nothing happens in the show. It can be summed up in one word, boring. The art, the voice acting, all the technical aspects are good, but there is no substance here to speak of. It takes away the value of most everything else.


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2/10 overall
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Jehowi May 22, 2014

Nothing happens in Death Note? o_O whaaaaat?

frankstleBilly Nov 23, 2013

I respect that this is an opinion,  but come on. Death Note might fail at the second half of the series, but it's still a great anime.

KageNoArashi May 25, 2013

You basically didn't get the context and sticked with the surface of the show...

Please, make a review only when you learn how to properly appreciate what a show has to offer, thank you very much....

Domar Oct 26, 2012

100% troll...

or he/she doesnt know anything about good anime.

PinkyIvan Sep 18, 2012

Are you a troll?