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Sep 15, 2012

I like to think we as a planet have evolved since the early twentieth century. We hold and value others equally, regardless of their appearance/ethnicity, and judge them on merit.

Most of the time anyway, racists and sexists still exist, but they are few and far between, no?

Hm, maybe. But what if an entire writing staff was full of these people? Also the actors who read the produced lines, the artists who agreed to produce this mess, and any other staffers associated with a certain show.

The percentage of bigots in the world seems to be shooting up in recent times, creating somewhat of an inverse bell curve.

The point of all this is I was genuinely surprised when I encountered Clannad. This is the story of how an average Joe (Male) causally waltzes into the lives of five women who just can't help themselves. They have problems, they're flawed, but do they have the ability to heal? Nope.

That is, until they meet our main character, Tomoya. Suddenly, life has meaning, the sun shines anew, and their status becomes it's ascent from the gutter. Women incapable of leading a fulfilling life until a man helps them.


Great lesson for the kids, KyoAni.

No, seriously, this is terrible. I know Japan is a misogynistic society, so I'm not surprised, but this should not be ported and dubbed in America. This whole show is a disgrace to the women's movement and all of feminism.

Putting that aside, let's judge the technical aspects of the show.

Art? Passable, but the animation kills it. Not much happens, and yet they can't even animate the paint drying without a good amount of choppiness.

Voice I seriously think the same actress voices every one of the female main characters. (Badly, I might add) Way to show some effort, guys.

And the characters (Though I prefer the term cardboard cut-out in this case) are all worthless stereotypes. Every single one of them.

I'm not paying too much attention to these though, as they don't matter. Once the show is outright bigoted, I can't see past that.

It is worthless as anime, and indeed, as any form of entertainment.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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1/10 overall
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Kioshi555 Jan 5, 2014

Well, I'm going to say something just in case someone accidentally reads your incoherent "review". What this series wants to point out is that people complete each other. It's not the female characters that are helpless. Everyone has a "helpless" side in this show that he or she overcomes with the aid of someone else. It's not only Tomoya helping Nagisa, it's also Nagisa helping Tomoya A LOT. So yeah the points of this review are invalid from the very start.

Kioshi555 Jan 5, 2014

Uhm this time I'm not even going to argue back because it seems pointless but!

I suggest a nice ban for you because of this: "No, seriously, this is terrible. I know Japan is a misogynistic society, so I'm not surprised, but this should not be ported and dubbed in America." :3

The last time I checked racist comments were...bad? The biggest irony is that this is a site dedicated to anime and manga which are most of the times from Japan and you actually spouted something racist about Japan. Really?... Even I got offended. Geez...

RainingXXanime Mar 16, 2013


You're joking

please tell me you're joking 


SANC16 Feb 23, 2013

A disgrace to feminism and the women's movement? So what?! Like anybody those people are never happy. In our society it's now become perfectly acceptable to stereotype men as being barbarians who only ever think of sex and fighting and never wash their hands even though nowadays men act how women used to and vice-versa. You can't satisfy people that think half of the human race are utter scum without wiping out half of the human race and that's not an option. Good lord Vandread is becoming real only about 10 years after it was made. 

Flared Jan 27, 2013

Did you honestly just do a very narrow-minded feminist review of Clannad? Where the protagonist is male this is a rather pointless viewpoint to take since the story is meant to revolve around them.

Clannad's main theme is about the importance of family, not female subservience. If you had looked past your feminists views, you would've seen that Clannad is actually a very impressive piece of work which balances comedy and tragedy better than I have ever seen from any other series.

Also, if you think Clannad is some sort of terrible, bigoted and anti-feminist disgrace to women's rights, you have clearly never seen any typical josei or (to some extent) shoujo anime/manga. Half of those are centered around troubled female protagonists who are saved by meeting a man of their dreams in one degree or another!

Please don't apply such an extreme feminist opinion upon an anime.