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You know what's great about animation in all of its forms? It lets us convey scenes that simply couldn't be done in live action. It lets us use a plethora of sets that would take too much money to construct. It lets us use many different character whereas that many actors is inconceivable.

Ghost in the Shell, of course, does virtually none of these things.

I tend to forget if I'm watching a cartoon, or just talking heads set to a static background image. I went in expecting a series full of tactical and corporate espionage.

What I got was two jack-wagons talking, one without pupils, while blue trashcans skirted about in a vain attempt to create comic relief. It was the animated equivalent of watching four of your nieces play house for hours on end.

Well, as far as near-static images go, they did rather well. I find the characters to be pretty detailed, and extremely varied. Is the animation good? It's so-so, not much to be animated. The art, though? Again, pretty good. Kudos on not fucking something up, guy.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Derp you just want action 24/7, leave serious cinematic conversations to the adults" To which I respond: This wouldn't be a problem at all if the actors were good. But no, they just read their lines so disinterestedly that the viewer gets bored. You can convey information through exciting and fluid dialog, but they settle on boring and expository. The actors can't sound excited by this, and maybe that isn't their fault. With that script, it ain't easy. But either way, they failed to deliver.

Outside the two main characters, who I enjoy, the rest of the cast is extremely interchangeable. This is bad, for those following along. The whole "talking heads" motif running through this review is made even worse when those heads barely have any face at all. The series delves into repetitive very quickly when the conversations all seem to be the same thing.

A futuristic Law and Order? Perhaps. Just as boring as any Law and Order? Definitely. This show lures you along with the promise of an actual plot, and yet it chases its own "tale" for twenty-odd episodes, leaving the viewer robbed of both time and brain cells.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3/10 overall
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SANC16 Feb 23, 2013

Ghost In The Shell; as if we needed further reminding that popularity isn't necessarily proportionate to quality.

lcaseidefensis Nov 22, 2012

Well now i get why you hate flcl so much :)

Actually it's (one of) the best sci-fi anime series. The story is probably too deep but that's what GITSE is all about, it's like philosophy and sociology in anime/manga. And the voice acting: I watched it in Hungarian, which rocked but obviously won't be listened by others than Hungarians :) so I have no Idea of the English nor the Japanes edition.

But here is an anime that I want your review of: Guilty Crown

cliche story, beautiful cliche animation and cliche characters so u will luv it :)