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Sep 15, 2012

Some people like to relive their childhood. I am not one of them. As such, I can't get behind Toradora and its target audience of 11 year old girls.

If you support that then more power to you, but from an outside observer, this is awful pandering. Let's create an idealistic high-school experience and sell it to those who terribly struggled socially! Yeah that'll sell!

The producers know most anime fans have this void to fill in their lives, and how do they fill it? Watching factious people and living vicariously through them.

Truly, truly awful.

I honestly felt like I was watching Degrassi. Oh, person A has a "crush" on person B, but person C likes A! Oh no, what will they do! And there's a big math test coming up, hijinks ensue.

This isn't a story, this isn't a plot, this isn't even a series of vignettes. This is a god damn Mary Shelley novel without the pretense of "horror". I'd expect, and actually received, better plot structure in the Twilight series.

The art, sadly, is just phoned in. Emulate the same anime style done twelve times over, don't innovate, don't try, call it a day. Yawn.

It is just a disappointing example of the state of anime today. Literally nobody tries anymore. They shit out something for the lowest common denominator, and idiots eat it up. I'm sorry, but am I the only one fed up with all this? Wake up anime fans!

The voice acting, too, is uninspired. Surprisingly, it isn't bad, but it won't win any awards. It is just standard, which is quickly becoming a theme here.

I started typing about the characters in this sixth grade play of an anime, and than I looked up and saw it already done for me. Standard! Come on guys! Literally every personality from Taiga to Ryuuji is the same trite archetype we've been seeing since the 1800's! Don't innovate guys, no, it's fine. Just keep shoveling the same trash down my throat. No one else seems to care, why should I, yea?

Watching this series is just insulting to one's intelligence. It's almost a test, really: Can you watch this without getting infuriated? If yes, you truly care about the direction anime is being taken and deserve a better future. If no, you should just watch the same series on DVD over and over, because that is essentially what you're already doing, and you're loving it!

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
3/10 overall

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MrChearlie Jan 16, 2013

Your review sucks as a review man... but really apreciate you giving it a 3! despite that you put your points with more hate than an analitical perspective as it should be, this show really sucks.

InstantReplay Dec 24, 2012

I'd like to actually say something critical instead of resorting to ad hominem.

This is not a review, it is a poor attempt at a troll disguised as a rant.

1) Your comment saying that Toradora! isn't even "vignettes" doesn't make sense. There is a plot to this show but the show is primarily a slice of life.

2) You say that this anime is average, in essentially every respect. Then why did you give it such a poor score? A score of a 3 is not average. A 3 is so bad that the show is painful to watch from an objective point of view. Just because you don't like a show or a particular genre or style doesn't mean it's bad and just because something is bad doesn't mean that a person can't enjoy it.

3) The show didn't turn into a love triangle until the second half of the show (if I recal correctly, it might have been even later).

4) More than half of this "review" is just mindless rabble that is you going off an a tangent or making pointless analagies that don't further your argument.

5) This review has a very condescending tone.

InstantReplay Nov 11, 2012

Not sure if troll, or just stupid...

jeffsong Oct 21, 2012

Well I think you are just not into this genre, what other romance/comedy anime can you recommend then? Romance stories are all cliche in some way, but many people still love them,  I don't want to explain it...And it is your fault to mock others who love this anime, your differece of taste doesn't mean you are cleverer.

PinkyIvan Sep 25, 2012

"As such, I can't get behind Toradora and its target audience of 11 year old girls."

You shure? It is very close to being a seinen...