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In a nutshell, the least successful amalgam of comedy and drama that I have ever seen.

As a comedy, Steins;Gate ranges tolerable to entertaining, but as a drama, it falls apart completely. Its characters are mostly comical and unbelievable, yet it expects you to take their plights seriously. The grim tale of fighting the inevitable that begins around the midway point is predicated on half a series of the main characters engaging in the kind of stupid and thoughtless behavior that is only acceptable within the context of comedy.

It operates on a kind of dating sim logic where almost all the pivotal characters (themselves shallow dating sim cutouts too; there's the airheaded childhood friend, the redheaded tsundere, the catgirl maid, etcetera) of the story (the scale of which extends far beyond Akihabara where the events of the anime take place) just happen to be teenage girls living within the vicinity of the protagonist, no matter how unlikely. That one of them happens to be the one of the most brilliant researchers in the field of time travel is only the most egregious example I can bring up without getting into spoiler territory.

The opening's good, though.

?/10 story
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3/10 overall
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kenji123 says...

One of the baddest review i've ever seen

Feb 13, 2014
flaze says...

@SANC I heard that show was crap.

This review really needs to be rewritten and expanded for me to take you seriously.

Jan 13, 2014
Kioshi555 says...

Well actually DuckPhlegm said it pretty much all: "read the tags, this show isn't a major drama nor comedy series. If you were paying more attention to the story you would realise there a tiny bit of sub plot romance which doesn't make the series operate on a dating sim logic at all."

But I'll try to elaborate it differently in case it's better for you.

Who ever told you that you were going to watch a pure drama series while watching Steins;Gate?

Who ever told you that you were going to watch a series without any comical elements while watching Steins;Gate? The characters OBVIOUSLY have a BIG comical sideIt never crossed your head that Steins;Gate is deffinitely NOT a comedy-free series when from the beginning you saw the "but he's a guy" scene? Seriously?

Anyway, Steins;Gate is not a series that can be actually defined by any genre, it's very unique to be defined. There are some friends with strange personalities being engaged in strange circumstances. It just is what it is. You completely misunderstood it. You basically didn't like the fact that when you wanted to watch a drama series Steins;Gate wasn't a drama series. All in all you just didn't get what you were expecting but that happened because of you misunderstanding it. Well, in the end it's your fault not the authors'...

Jan 5, 2014
Kutatsu says...

Is this guy joking?

Jun 1, 2013
SANC16 says...

As possibly the biggest Chaos;Head fan ever Steins;Gate is such a letdown. It's so bad I can't make it past the first episode.

Feb 23, 2013