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Elfen Lied

Feb 3, 2013

Gratuitous. If I had to write a one word review (As I often do), it would be gratuitous.

But not, and I repeat NOT, in any enjoyable, redeemable, or sensible way. This show is pure excess, and I have no idea who has the gall to suggest it even be shown to kids.

Take other animes, they are wholesome, safe, funny, and family friendly, as all cartoons should be. I come home one day, and find my little brother watching this...Elfen Lied.

Breasts, blood, coarse language and nonsensical drivel. That is all that awaits our viewer. Even if a kid could get past the former without becoming deranged (They can't), even they would realize the latter is a poor excuse for any kind of plot.

So get this: Demons were created in a lab, feel an unhealthy need to slaughter, lose memory in the trite plot device of amnesia, and hijinks ensue. Repeat for 10 episodes too many, and you have this abomination.

By this point it's well understood that no one is watching this for the story. It is simply perverts and deviants sticking along for the nudity and gore. And to be fair, these depravities are well drawn. Not sure why those crazy Japanese would use so much attention to detail over something so horrible, but here we are.

And of course, for irony's sake, the screams of the mutilated (And whatever other dry dialog bits there are) are somewhat well acted. Why the parts of this show that no one would ever want to see are the only redeeming qualities is beyond me. But again, irony.

Aside from those two.."pleasures" (?), there isn't much else here. Paper-thin characters, shallow "plot" and uninspired music litter our trashy landscape. But who cares? The only fans of this show can't hear above their wrists pounding their junk, or see beyond their eyes closed in ecstasy. The voluntarily blind love this show, but us with sight see it as the trash it is.

It really is just a benchmark of how far Eastern animation has fallen below Western. Turn on Nickelodeon, or Cartoon Network. What will you find? Cartoons will suitable for kids. And even in the more mature shows of today (Family Guy, etc.), most of the naughty bits sail right over kids' heads.

In Japan? Nope, they smack down any hope of being family friendly. They defeat the very point of cartoons in favor of pulp-smut. And the worst part? A sea of perverts lets them get away with it.

Ugh the world sucks

3/10 story
4/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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MaikeruSama Jan 2, 2014

>Assuming this anime is meant for children...

You by far have the worst taste in anime I've ever seen, seriously.  I'm gonna have to agree with David here and say you should hit the high road.  This place clearly isn't for you...

Also, on the possibility of you being a troll, which is very likely... well done, you've managed to upset quite a few people.

On the off-chance you aren't a troll, I think the fact that people can't believe your serious is a testament to how unusually terrible your taste is...

DavidWP Apr 28, 2013

" friendly. As all cartoons should be." ha, ignorance at its best. Get off this website.