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Excel Saga: Dr Kabapu (may contain spoilers)

12 MAY

So I've finally read volumes 16-21 of Excel Saga, thanks wholely to my local library.  (Though I must admit, I may have missed vol. 15, and possibly 14.)  Anyway, not the point.  While looking at the array of insane, semi-insane, maybe-somewhat-insane, finally-gone-insane, and less-insane-than-everyone-else characters, I noticed something.

Maybe it was his droopy, scary mustache.  Or his droopy, scary hair.  But when our psychotic friend and absconder-of-taxpayer-funds, Dr. Kabapu is down in the dumps, reminds me of Rabbit from "Winnie-the-Pooh".  And when he's angry, well, I can just imagine him shouting, "My honey pots!"  (After which he would blacklist a certain bear, and probably Piglet, too, just for associating with said bear.)

Supposing Kabapu was Rabbit, I guess that would assign the Environmental Protection Department the following roles:

Iwata=Tigger (because of his idiotic, boundless energy)

Sumayochi=Piglet (because he tries to be quiet and unassuming)

Watanabe=Eeyore (because his luck with Hyatt - er, Miss Ayame, is about as good as Eeyore's luck with his tail)

Shioji=Owl (must I explain that one?  Though, Owl is more wise whereas the professor is smart.)

Momochi=Kanga (because we all know Kanga has the goods on everyone)

Matsuya=Gopher (this was a tough one, but in the end, she gets Gopher because she does work, even though the work often backfires on her and the rest of the team)

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