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Did I randomly "friend" you?  Yeah, that's probably cause you have a super-cool list of manga (or anime) that I want to explore, or re-explore, as the case may be.  Also, I have no friends who like this stuff so this way I can, wait, kidding!

About me, about me...well, I've gotten to be more of a manga girl than an anime girl, but both are fun, yes?  I enjoy artistic things like reading, writing, music, and I make loads of jewelry using beads, odds and ends (such as vintage findings or lucite flowers), and brass and copper wire as my main components.  My favorite non-anime movie is Jim Henson's "Labyrinth".  I listen to most music except rap, but I particularly enjoy '70s and '80s rock, j-pop and classical.

But you don't care about that, you want to know more about what I've got listed here on AP and why.

First, let me explain how I've categorized everything:

  1. A certain television network kept changing the times (or altogether cancelled) the anime I was enjoying without telling me.  This lead me to frequently miss said anime, so I haven't been able to catch up yet.  Not that I'm naming names, Cartoon Network.
  2. I've yet to find the rest of the anime/manga dubbed, subbed or whatever somewhere in this world (alas, poor "Kagijin").
  3. It wasn't exactly boring, and I really do plan on getting back to it.  Some day.  There are just far more interesting things to do.

My favorite genres include comedy, fantasy, reverse-harem, josei, action, adventure, romance and seinen and psychological.  I'm still trying to find something that involves the majority of these without being horribly cliched.

My favorite hero (thus far) is Hamel from "The Violinist of Hamelin".  I enjoy him because he's often more of an anti-hero than a typical hero, expecting the people he rescues to pay him and exploiting those he travels with.  In many ways, this makes him far more realistic than the usual princely heroes that are normally seen.

For my favorite villian, go read my blog.  =D

15 Favorite Animal(ish) Characters (in alphabetical order because it's too hard to pick an actual favorite)

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TimeZero says...

I just stumbled on your profile. Nice list you have and by the way, how are you? :)

Aug 1, 2014
SoryouRei says...

yo! I randomly friended you, for exact same reasons you said above ;D you have some awesome manga on your bookmarks list, some of it I read (afterschool nightmare - one of the best I've ever read!), some I'm still reading (from time to time when I find time :P), and some I want to read after seeing it on your list ;)happy reading!

Jul 23, 2011
lalalableg says...

I hope you don't mind if i say you spelled Fairy Tail wrong. You spelled it Fairy TALE instead of TAIL. It is my favorite manga/anime and it makes me happy that you mentioned it! but also very sad that although it was mentioned it was spelled wrong.  :(

Sep 24, 2010
Drahken says...

My "wise ass" quotes are all ones I made up myself. Most of them parody existing addages, riddles, etc.

Sep 20, 2010
aleatorio says...

I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who thinks +C and Sable Prince are a good match, because - technically - they don't have all too much in common. xD

About the "not particularly interested in, but might read if I don't have anything better to do" list, I have to admit it would be a great idea, and useful to no ends. At least a quarter of my Want to Watch list fits into that, which is a troublesome thing when you're trying to look up the next anime to watch.

While we don't seem to have many (if any) interests in common here, I do happen to like your profile a lot, and you seem to have interesting opinions. Hopefully you won't mind, but I'm going to add you as friend.

Jul 12, 2010