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Mott Scurry was a nickname created by a friend and rapidly grew into a nickname the whole school, so people started calling me Scurry. My real name is Scott, although, sometimes I'd refer being called Scurry.

If you want to get all technical, my first anime was Yu-Gi-Oh!, not Pokemon. Although, I still used to love pokemon. Then came Sonic X. I was never a fan of Dragonball, One Piece, or Naruto. My favorite is Bleach. I think that most people gravitate towards one of the three anime, that is Bleach, Naruto, or One Piece because they are all really long and it's hard to invest your time into watching more than one of them. Now, after growing up and getting smarter, Yu-Gi-Oh is the only of the first three (Pokemon and Sonic X) that I actually think was good. My first, non-4Kid's anime was, surprisingly, GRENADIER. Yes, I said GRENADIER. That was back in my pervert days. After that, over a year later, I watched Death Note. Then Freezing (Still in pervert days), then last year, I saw a bunch of different ones, and about every two or three months I'd watch about five different shows. It was this year when I threw away my pervert days and signed up for anime planet.

I don't care what people think when I say this, but I prefer to watch anime in English dub. Yeah, sorry for not being like everyone else, wanting to watch only subtitles and trying to learn Japanese so that I can visit there one day. Granted, there are some really awesome shows that are only in English subtitles, like 11EYES, but I do wish that they got dubbed, and it probably would be nice to go to Japan, but it's not my life-long dream or anything.

 The way I score in my reviews is what they should always be scored on: Story, Characters, and Atmosphere. First of all, I would like to stress that Nostalgia doesn't and will never have anything to do with scoring in my reviews. In my opinion, nostalgia has to be the worst and stupidest reason to rate something too high. It's one of the most annoying feelings that can cloud judgement, but that's not to say that I never experience nostalgia. I just never use that factor in my scoring. The other thing that really annoys me is when someone says that it's okay for something to suck if it's for kids. A prime example of this would be Pokemon. My understanding is that kids will watch anything put in front of them as long as it's bright, colorful, and contains at least the pretense of an actual story. Even as a young adult, I don't think Avatar sucked at all, and that was for kids as well.

 As far as the rest of the scoring goes:

-45% Story: The story score will usually be the thing I talk about most.

-45% Characters: This section is just as important as the story score. If a show with a really cool looking story has a bunch of annoying characters, it could ruin the site for me.

-10% Atmosphere: Now when I say atmosphere, I the average of the scores for sound and animation. The reason it says 10% is that music and visuals are the least important part of an anime. Some of the stupidest shows can have the best music and visuals, whole some of the greatest anime of all time can have terrible music and boring visuals.

-100% Overall: Pretty self-explanatory, although, I will always display the actual score right here since the anime planet score system rounds off the scores I take the time to put.

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