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I have only recently gotten into anime and am constantly looking for something great to watch so feel free to leave a comment with a recommendation

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wolfangel87 Nov 27, 2007

Where have you been!??!?!?!?!

You have not been in the forums!  Come back!!!! 

sothis Nov 1, 2007

Hey motoman, haven't seen you around much! I hope you are still into signatures... ;) I'm wondering if you'd consider entering the weekly signature contest we are now running? :D The themes change per week... sometimes anime-based (this week is "shoujo", for example), sometimes not, like maybe we'd have a generic "animal" theme. People vote on the anonymous entries each week and then the winner is posted in a special thread ^_^. Since you are good with themes I'm hoping it interests you. Here's the thread for this week's contest!

VivisQueen Sep 29, 2007


Mashed potatoes and tomato soup in comparison is not really... food. Lol. Not that I want to remind you just how much you're suffering. All I can do is cross my fingers for a speedy recovery. And trust me, I am. The idea of someone out in the world living on mash just cuts my heart. :(

VivisQueen Sep 29, 2007

Sure as hell do! Thanks! And glad to see you're better already. It sucks to be wounded/ill.

sothis Sep 26, 2007

I hope you feel better soon :) *sends healing thoughts*