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Well it doesn't suck that badly

15 MAY

My niece has been watching Sailor Moon now, and I have been slated to watch it with her.  I try to keep up with her anime habits so that her mom does not have to.  As she is 11, her series maturity level has greatly increased.  She is almost ready to go to an anime con with me.  The only thing holding her back is someone to watch her after 11 or so.  I would be going to watch things that are on till 2 AM normally.


Possible spoilers below, but I will try to avoid it.


The series is not bad for a monster of the week show.  The ending was a bit sad as they kind of just hit reset.  Obviously this is to come in with multiple series afterwards, but it just feels poorly done.  The series only gets 1 star from my giant robot loving perspective.  I did not like how much the sailor soldiers had to rely on Tuxedo Kaimen to get anything done.  The wiping of the memories seems more to throw in a second meeting of everyone than any real conclusion.  I will have to wait until R to make any real conclusion on this one. There was some character development; just not enough for a 46 episode long series.  Hopefully this is changed in the next several series.


And yes it does have the Boom Anime Babes that make me think the wrong things.  The fan service was subdued and in your face at the same time.  The costumes and occasional pantsu were geared for teenage men than for young girls, but they never did anything that bad with them.  I will now have to endeavor to keep my niece from trying to cosplay as one of them.

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