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I like anime of course!

Kirby is my hero, where does all the food go? ~(^_^)~

Firefly is the best TV series ever! WATCH!!!

I like goth metal, heavy metal, death metal, purty much any genre with metal in it.

I play MMORPGS and FPS and RTS, send me a message and find out which maybe we can play !m!^_^

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What?! No anime ratings?

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tetra Oct 15, 2007

Atleast it is a guarantee never to be out of things to do ;)

tetra Oct 15, 2007

Ah, I know the feeling

*looks at her own backlog of anime to watch* 

tetra Oct 14, 2007


Saw that you have seen Kenshin, why did you not watch the OAVs? Hum... did that coume out as offensive *ponders* if it did its just asked out of curiosity as they (the oavs for kenshin) may besome of the best anime ever made.