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ny anime fest

26 AUG

I want to see The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya so bad, I'd consider shelling out the several hundo it would no doubt cost to fly or drive (11 hours) to NYC, stay in NYC, and go to the NYC Anime Festival to see it (introduced by Minori Chihara, the Japanese VA for Yuki Nagato (she is my favorite character in the show (she also has the best character songs)) (She (Chihara-san) is also performing a concert (I would go see that too))).  It will probably not be released in theaters, at least not anywhere near North Carolina.  And it will probably be another year before the DVD release is available in these United States.  If it wouldn't be a solo trip, I'd really consider it, but I haven't met anyone around here that gives a blonde bull crap about anime.  Mostly what I get is, "Oh emm gee, dubya tea eff? You are, like, totally too old to be watching cartoons.  It's time for Jersey Shore, and other shows where actual humans basically get drunk at clubs and then say and do terrible things to themselves and others and people watch it on tv as entertainment.  It's reality!"

And so ends my rant about being poor and not having any friends who are interested in the things I like.


=D (monkeyock)

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