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goodycandy741 says...

Oh, I see... I guess I'll give it a try someday soon! X3 My cousin is a big fan of Inuyasha but she doesn't even though there's an anime out for it... XP

Apr 30, 2011
goodycandy741 says...

Hmm... Well, After Story is a LOT deeper than Clannad and much more serious (still funny though!) and I hope you'll like it!

BTW: How's Inuyasha? If it's any good, I plan to watch it.

Apr 29, 2011
goodycandy741 says...

No problem! Are you a fan of Clannad, too?

Apr 27, 2011
goodycandy741 says...

About your question on the Clannad review, Kouko Ibuki couldn't see Fuko because she already knew she was in a coma and saw her everyday in the hospital so it wouldn't make sense to see her sister's out-of-body-experience body when she knew she was really in a coma. Didn't that happen to Sanae? When she went to the hospital to see if Fuko Isogai was actually Fuko Ibuki and saw Fuko in the hospital bed, she couldn't see Fuko's "other body" anymore afterwards since she already knew the truth.

Just clearing things up for you!! X)

Apr 21, 2011
AirCommodore says...

Well I hope I don't disappoint you :P I've gotten much better about not forcing myself to watch things that I suspect might be terrible. Maybe some day when I'm really bored I'll refashion Clannad as a site review so even more people can tell me I suck! :D

Apr 17, 2011