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I'm a recent college grad still looking for work. This means I have lots of time for anime. I'm currently getting refamiliar with my C++ (software development) skills and hope to be landing a job developing for a trading firm in the near future.

I enjoy playing retro videogames (the Ninja Turtles in Time arcade is awesome), but I enjoy playing them with friends and family even more. I also enjoy japanese music: YUI, BoA, Bonnie Pink, Ai Otsuka, Bump of Chicken, and Porno Graffiti are some of my favorite artists.

I think anime should always be watched in style. Clear video is important, but dynamic sound is what I enjoy the most. I watch anime in Japanese with English subtitles, except in rare cases such as the ghost in the shell series.

Going for the best entertainment experience [that I can afford], my entertainment setup consists of my PC (self built), a 36" TV, 4 satellite speakers self mounted to the ceiling, a used Bose shelf speaker which acts as a center, four 12" subwoofers, a couch, and a microwave. I use two separate stereos to run all the sound (one for bass speakers, one for the satellites & center). The PC sends video and audio to the TV & stereos.

To make up for my less than perfect audio system I have a Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card in my PC which lets me tweak the EQ to make the voices pop out during the blasts of heavy bass. I also figured out how to get PowerDVD 8's proprietary theater processing working in Media Player Classic using Radlight Filter Manager. Now all my MP3s and video files look and sound a lot better. This even affects Netflix's movie streaming. Note that Radlight Filter Manager is for advanced PC users and can break all your media players if it's used incorrectly.

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wolfangel87 Dec 1, 2007

Oh wow!  I love you already!  A guy that can make a good cup of coffee! 

Thank you for filling out your bio! 

It is hard to find time for me to watch anime with school and everything!  I think that is why I am looking so forward to the holidays!

wolfangel87 Nov 16, 2007

Nice job filling out your profile and the signature looks amazing!

Why don't you add a bio to tell everyone a little more about yourself?