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hajimemashite mokyuu de su yoroshiku onegaishimasu =^_^=

I'm happy to be here. I love the new site design.

Not much to me really, I'm an avid anime fan like everyone else here. I could use more otaku, so I shall strive to meet this achievement. I'm in the process of adding my watched anime to this list, maybe come up with some review and recommendations and such. ^^ blog? eh, maybe. That might take a while though, as I'm a student at the local uni and have plenty to keep me occupied. Work in progress =)

I love japanese/chinese/korean culture in general, out of a tremendous love for history I once possessed as a kid and for having met so many delightful people in my travels. Although I'm not as much of a history buff anymore, I still have a deep fondness for all things mystical and foreign.

I have varied tastes and will watch pretty much anything if it seems good. Out of a slightly-masochistic tendency I always finish stuff I start, however painful it may be. Over time this, I hope, has made me more critical of the stuff I watch and read. =P Doesn't work too well in practice ;) Usually I just stick to stuff that other people recommend.

That's all for now! See you around the site!

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