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Shaman King

Before I start, i would like to say that this was the first anime i have ever watch back then when i was a kid(maybe around aged 8). I really liked it and thought that it was awesome. Few years down the road and my perception about this anime changed alittle bit but it doesn't change the facts that i still liked the show. I guess its a childhood memory thing...


The plot, as far as it goes, was rather interesting. But i was disappointed because it was cut short and the ending, i feel, was kinda rushed. On top of that, the ending was entirely off from the manga which disappoints me even more. I felt that there was potential for it to grow and become a big hit but the people there decided to end it and pull the plug and it didn't get the awesome ending it deserved.


Well, it was 2001, what where you expecting? At the time, DVDs looked liked you would imagine the animation would be somewhere along the lines as those that were from that 'era'. Sure there were times the animation could have been better with the technology available at the time but it redeems itself in some scenes like when Ren when back to china with the view of his 'palace', it was kinda breath-taking. Take my word for it, the animation of the characters will grow on you!


Cast - Awesome

OP and End - Sure...

Background Music - Nice

The Seiyu cast did a great job. They portrayed the character's personality without being too irritating or 'boring' i guess. The opening and ending was so-so and thats all i'm gonna comment about. Background music was nice. They did it so 'smoothly', tying different music together without overpowering each other. Instead, it complements one another.


Actually, before doing this review, i read a few other opinions about this show. Main issues were, too many supporting characters and lack said supporting characters grow. Now as i said before, this anime had a great potential to become big but was cut short leaving supporting characters stranded. Had it continued on longer, i could see some episodes set aside for those said characters to grow and be loved...


For me, i still find this anime quite nice. Then again, it maybe due to being a childhood memory, but i would still recommend it to anyone who shares the same interest in genre as i am and would not say bad shit bout this anime(maybe abit so as to lower their expectation). But still, if you really try to immerse yourself in this anime, you would not regret it or rather, you would want more of it like i did! I was so like "no, that cant be the freaking ending!!". So i read the manga for the 'real' ending. Haha!

Hope this piece was interesting and a help for you guys. Truth is, i wrote this because there were too many negativity bout it man. I mean seriously, of a shounen genre and being cut off so, so soon, i thought it deserves some credit for the action it brought along. Then again, its only my opinion. Peace out guys.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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