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Xeron0 says...

Probably the best Gundam I have watched ever.

Jul 4, 2010
Xeron0 says...

Dunno if it's a lot really, most of it is just High Quality, 52 eps of Gundam00 takes up what 50 GB in 1920x1080 BD quality. My stats say I have downloaded 500 GB in the last two months... Going to need another hard drive soon. As for catching up, I have plenty of time and basically no life. /depressed

Jul 4, 2010
Xeron0 says...

Well so far most of them look decent, avoiding a few for now though. Picking up tons of older anime currently, as I have a 1.5 TB external hard drive dedicated to anime, over 75% used atm, as well as my laptop with 500 GB which I use to download. I went over the entire Summer Anime 2010 List, which you probably have seen.

Jul 4, 2010
Xeron0 says...

Hmm well it's a really complicated game to explain so I'll give you a very breif overview, Your character class is decided by the stats/skills you choose to increase, you run around befreinding demons which become your allies and fight with you and can fuse demons to make new ones, dungeons are instanced, the game has a time system on moon phases during which different events happen.  Well there's a lot mroe to explain but this is just a general idea.

Aug 16, 2009
Xeron0 says...

Megaten, a MMO based off of Shin Megami Tensei/Persona.

Aug 15, 2009