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Magandang araw! (Good day!)

I am a computer science graduate and is now currently working as a programmer here in Manila. I'm pretty interested in arts particularly drawing and photography.

My interest in anime sparked initially due to my amazement on how they are able to make complex drawings move. Pretty silly, but that really amazed me then...actually until now. As years go by, I came to like the plots and life lessons you can take away from an anime. With that, my interest in anime is sustained.

Aside from anime, I like to read light novels mostly in the fantasy-slice-of-life kind of genre. I also like to listen to music a lot. I only have one sport that I can play well enough, that is badminton. Another interesting fact about me would be...umm...I dont know how to ride a bike, yeah pathetic.

Well I guess that's basically it. Thanks for the welcome and I'm happy to be part of this community. ^__^

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sothis Oct 31, 2007

Hi mimi! A very delayed welcome to the site, it's nice to see you here! ^_^ One of my best friends is from the Phillipines too. By the way, fill out your bio sometime! :D