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The hate CE family I me say feature  primalite garcinia all chance for another day on round okay hey for more yeah %uh come in today s since I and II Brown Line somewhere around day 218 and this morning I woke up and my weight was 145 points out on smile I W is 140 4.2 and I'm not playing that last night I went out with my mom around we go out want mom and we went to a Mexican restaurant and I hate when I want to be. and after I ate I my car blocker and you haven't seen have a video out there Bob carpenter center car bombers and I was only .9 from that yesterday I'm see all we can I got here with talk little bit about basically what's happening to me and think I hear on in our crew on you I'm Senate I guess beyond how I 2mon I pretty much have gained a cat on me an additional two pound I’m walking five to six days a week I really think that my body is building model and adjusting County an army to exercise on a regular basis now of a lot of people out there methinks I'm going not here exercising all the time and I'm addicted to the not surly true I have find hi miss you round and six miles to the top and it's like 25but 2500 site elevation change and it free p and every day in the neighborhood I'm of about 300-foot elevation change and I walked three miles in a hour 47minutes now that so I am proud to you know for a fact walking but we're talking doing I almost four-time timeout in one day we're going to climb six-mile up you know rather and come six-mile back down and honestly guy I four-mile.

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