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............about me......about me lets see........

why i started watching anime? it was because of my older sister who recoreded some episodes of sailer moon. they were all episodes from here and there, it was never in order. being a kid i was really interested in the good versus evil theme so i began to get curius and started watching...( as  child i admiried my sister and wanted to do what she did..)....thou i also had a neighbour who always watched bayblade and yu gi oh.............ohh and he also watched pokemon.....i usually got stuck between that so thats why i started watching.

what type of anime i like? well i don't really care........but i do tend to stick with a certain group. so an easier Q would be...........

what i don't like. Well if i have to i'll watch through it but most of the time i'd like to aviod it. to start i hate the clumsy,stupid, shy,sweet,crybaby female leads. they tend to get annoying. so that means i hate the female lead of sailer moon ( i know i liked it before, but then it got annoying) , the short orange haired girl in shuffle, and i guess orihime from bleach,.......actually orihime isn't bad but i prefer rukia.

  ohh and i don't like watching sad animes. cuz they get stuck in my head, and all i remember in the end is the feeling of sadness when watching it. ( this feeling i always try to avoid)

    i also don't want to watch something with the main theme as love,its not bad,but usually it gets depressing.

 k...... i'm getting tierd of writing about that so next.

k..............maybe later


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Serail May 28, 2010

and what you'll watch/read next?

me loaded http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/bokurano =3 allmost what i want...

Serail May 27, 2010




I think they are very unusual)

Also i have two seasons of http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/vampire-knight

and http://www.anime-planet.com/anime/monster

But still don't know what to watch -_-'

Serail May 26, 2010

i did it, and now i'w watching three ongoing anime =3

and i still don't have what to watch) so i decided to read books, many books :3

now i'm reading Isaac Asimov Worlds))))

Serail May 25, 2010

I have more than 100 anime in "Want to watch", but i fon't know what to watch -_-

Serail May 24, 2010

Hm, lets close this topic)))

"About me


I WANT TO WATCH SOMETHING NEW BUT DON'T KNOW WHT! this is annoying.............."

Where is info about the hell? T_T