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Really not much that should go here outside of stating the fact that i have watched too much anime for my own good. Anyhow I have been watching different types of animes eversince i was quite little and have grown very fond of them, and so i shall continue to patrol the internet for more non-sense and humorous types of anime that will find their way into my computer screen.

A few extra words about me is that i have been attending junior college now for sometime with many different ideals, and hopefully meeting my goals towards Networking and Business!

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dgmikep Oct 14, 2010

" i have watched too much anime for my own good  " there is not such thing as to much anime to watch :)

OverLord01 Jun 30, 2008

Good to hear from you again! Yeah I am pretty much hooked on FMA. It was the one show that I really got into when I saw it on Cable many moons ago. The movie was also my favorite but I have to admit they could have do more with it but thats my opinion. Well anyway it was a good movie and I did enjoy it. Yeah I have an interest in Gundum and Fafner. Both are good shows by the way.

Well its been good hearing from you again. You take care and we will talk again. OverLord01

OverLord01 Jun 30, 2008

Thought I drop in and say that I like your avatar and your profile about yourself. Also like your top 5 as well. I have heard of several in there but some good pics tho. :)


OverLord01 Jun 30, 2008

Well thanks for the complement on the forum avatar. :) I knew it would get a few laughs from people and I was right. I was planning on changing it but now I changed my mind. I'll have it as is for a while longer.

Well you are new here or at least new to me, Welcome to Anime-Planet! As you can see we are a great group on here and share the same interests in anime. Feel free to add me to your freinds list and I will do the same. :)

Also be sure to chime in more at the forum when you find a subject that interests you that is.

Talk to you later on.


wolfangel87 Dec 14, 2007

hehehe, outgoing only on the computer but thanks!  Hope to see you around a lot!  And we should chat some more!  :)