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I have been watching anime since i was 20 years old and have managed to watch quite a lot as my freetime as been so that I could watch from morning to evening as well as whole weekend marathons.

Ask questuions if ya like to know anything. I've probably seen more anime than you anyhow.

I'm usually on msn, and got a facebook

I'm still in the process of watching some animes i have on disk will get back to those later when I have time to write here.

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zosimos says...

I think the thing that made me laugh the hardest was the clever bit of casting with Switzerland and Liechtenstien. (Switzerland being Paku Romi, who also played Edward Elric - and Liechtenstien being Kugimiya Rie, who played Alphonse Elric.)

That instantly made every single interaction 1000% funnier.

Mar 6, 2011
zosimos says...

I actually, literally just started on episode 12. :D

Mar 2, 2011
zosimos says...

I'm watching mine alphabetically, I'm to the H's now. It's a long road ahead!

Feb 28, 2011
zosimos says...

Hah, I'm somewhat in the same boat in the rewatch category. I've got a lot of series in my queue to rewatch them because it's been so long since I originally saw them that I remember so little.

I do have a rather extensive DVD collection, although I don't buy DVDs like I used to. Just a handful of shows that I feel I must own a physical copy of to support - and of course if I catch any cheap deals, hahaha. I'm still working my way through a backlog of fansubs that I started downloading in 2004, so I've got my work cut out for me.

Feb 28, 2011
zosimos says...

Oh, god... since 1999 or so, if not earlier. I mean, Pokemon counts, right? I remember the split between the Toonami dub of Gundam Wing and the Midnight Run version, we'd stay up late on the weekend and watch all the episodes that aired during the week. I came in on the end of the VHS fansub era, I still have a few tapes for nostalgia's sake. I remember anime clubs when it was difficult to get the media to show. Kids these days have it easy!

How about you?

Feb 28, 2011