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Hi everybody that checks on my profile its been a very long time i haven't been in here but im trying to comeback again, that doesn't mean i stopped watching anime because i have been watching it, but anyways here are my ratings when it comes to my anime ( These are my personal ratings)

Five stars: The anime is superb i couldn't stopped watching one second of it, from the story line to the characters to the way it was made i loved it!!!

Four stars: The anime is great and even tho it was little issues with it i still enjoyed it tru the end

Three stars: The anime is good it had its issues specially in the way it was made but still i will watch it tru the end to see how it finishes

Two stars: The anime is bad and unless its a big turn out i probably will not finish watching the thing lol

One star or less: The anime was horrible and simply i wish not wasting one second watching the big mess :P

I always say watch it at your own risk and enjoy yourself thank you for reading peace :) 

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What?! No manga ratings?

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hoffstyle Dec 22, 2013

The family all miss you and wish you a Merry Christmas too. Thanks for the wishes. Hope all is well with you. Watashi wa anata ga daisuki desu to you as well. I suppose that will never change, take it as you will, you know me and I will never back down from how I feel.

Please take care of yourself.

hoffstyle Oct 5, 2013

I always appreciate hearing from you. It does me good knowing you're well.

hoffstyle Jul 5, 2013

Hey, didn't know if you knew but your Symphogear is back.

Miss you. Thought I would say hi with something you may have been looking forward too.

hoffstyle May 11, 2013

Thanks. Hope you're well too.

staruser Mar 19, 2012

lol think nothing of it were friends now:)oh thanks for the add i add u 2