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Jan 22, 2012


First of all, I'm a real sucker for this anime, so don't expect my review to be unbiased. ^_^'
What you should know about Mononoke is that it's not the usual anime. I can see why it might not be an anime that would please the masses: it's original and fresh; it's an great attempt in the Japanese animation world of doing something different, and in my opnion, the creators certainly succeeded here.
So if you're only looking for some brain-less horror anime filled with gory scene turn away now, this one is not for you.


It's an episodic series so there isn't really a single plot. This anime comprises 5 short stories. Also, there is only one recurring character, Kusuri-uri. The episodes revolve around the character's encounters in his travels.
In all honesty, this anime is a breath of fresh air. No fillers, no dramatic mumble-jumble; only finely told stories.


The art is beatiful and, even though there are some other animes that use textures too(like Gankutsuou), I believe it's not like anything you've seen before. The anime is quite dark in theme however we see beautiful colors in every episode and in a way that doesn't look contradicting. I highly praise the artists of this anime, they've done a remarkable job.
Moreove, I gave this anime a 10 in this category because it goes beyond colors and textures. There's another factor that keeps this anime exciting and entertaining, and that is the way they play with the angles, camera movement and close-ups. 


Maybe the Achilles heel of this anime, in my opnion. Even though the opening and ending themes are fairly good and catchy, it just doesn't seem to be as memorable as the other aspects of the anime. However, I do think they did a wonderful job with the sound effects throughout the episodes, the sound is very fitting and helps to build the right atmosphere you'd expect from an anime of this genre.


Even though we don't get to learn a lot about the character or his background I still found myself really captivated by him. The fact that his story and thought remain untold just add to the mystery of it all. .In a way, focusing on the character would take away from the point of the anime, you see, even though we follow Kusuriugi around in every episode, the anime is not really about Kusuriugi. It's up to you to watch it and decide what it's really about. 
So, in conclusion, the character is likeable, interesting and awesome enough to be awarded with a 9 in this category.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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merla692 Jan 22, 2012

This review was actually first published on Animenfo, by myself, of course.