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problems in finding anime's

30 AUG

hey there

a new story from holland

today i found a big problem once again we've all experienced it! you can't find you anime or manga i hate that! i have been searsing for cinderella monogatari for 4 hours and 26 min's  i have watched the first 4 ep's cus there findable on youtube but do you think i can find the rest with english subtitle? NEVER......*jawn* it's allmost time for supper out here 6.00 pm!

maybe one of you might know where to look? or maybe even have a site where i can find this serie's but if you can't find one youreself i'll be glad to help(i've got some experience with the searsing now ;))

greeting from the netherlands

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Kari5 avatar Kari5
Aug 31, 2009

I hate not being able to find anime. I wish I could help, but that's an old series so I'll be very hard to find. Good luck!

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