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anime noob, i just read fast, i'll watch anything i get my hands on.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 anime female chars (in no particular order)

  • Saber (fate/stay night) - king arthur and excalibur.. omg..
  • Fate Testarossa (Nanoha) - loli sword wielder and has a pet wolf!
  • Lacus Clyne (SEED) - one person you don't wanna mess with in CE universe
  • Shurei Ko(saiunkoku monogatari) - sophistication with a slight hint of tsundere
  • Kaname Chidori (FMP) epitome of intelligence , beauty and tsundere

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 male chars

  • Archer (fate/stay night) - UBW need i say more?
  • Cloud Strife (ff7:AC) - Choukyuu Bushin Hakazan Version 5 ftw
  • Romeo (RxJ) - a wimp at times, but redeems himself at the end
  • Simon (Gurren Lagaan) Final eps:SimonxNia
  • Alucard, dante, chrono, one of those devil/vampire guys

up for suggestions to chars that can challenge my favs and knock them off my charts, leave a comment

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Blade2003 avatar Blade2003

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 14, 2007

She's one of my favourite female characters :) And i love Fate/Stay Night :)

1010rikku avatar 1010rikku


Nov 13, 2007

Please melonjuice, you are a super cool forum poster, add an avatar to complete you profile here too!

sothis avatar sothis


Nov 13, 2007

Errr, sorry!! ^_^; I just sent back one of your recs and didn't mean to. I'm trying to plow through about 100 of these, read the first part of your rec (kanon is a remake of kanon) and assumed it was a related anime rec. Sorry about that!! I'll go pass it so don't worry about messing with it.

syronis avatar syronis

Great Anime List!

Nov 13, 2007

That is a WICKED watched list. I don't blame you for not having a profile yet, seems like you spent alot of time trying to rate all the animes you've watched. If it's anything like mine I've included Slayers and El Hazard which I haven't watched in like 6 years, and Ranma 1/2 which I haven't seen in like 7 or 8... so those are kinda hard to rate. Welcome to the site. I should watch some of the other stuff in your top 5 list, I really liked Kimi ga Nozomu Eien... I've seen alot of people like Air, I'll have to scope that soon.

1010rikku avatar 1010rikku


Nov 13, 2007

*sees new member in the boards and comes spy on anime list*

 OMG!! That's one heck of an anime list *bows* Welcome to the site!

An intro thread and a nicely filled profile attract other users attention, so when you have a little time, take a moment to fill up. I understand if you want to wait, it probably took you forever to enter all those animes...

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