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anime noob, i just read fast, i'll watch anything i get my hands on.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 anime female chars (in no particular order)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Top 5 male chars

up for suggestions to chars that can challenge my favs and knock them off my charts, leave a comment

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FalseDawn Nov 16, 2007

Well, you've listed Archer, so I'm guessing you like the cool customers as well (the "gar" factor) :D

If you've seen Ayashi no Ceres (if you haven't, watch it! It's great), then I think Touya would be a good one to add to your list. Mysterious yet protective, but also with cool powers.

FalseDawn Nov 16, 2007

Wow, you've watched a lot of series. *bows to your superior anime-watching*

But I have to say... Romeo? In your top 5 males? He's the character I'd least expect to see on a top 5 list - for a start, he spends half the series just shouting "Juliet!" :D

Icey Nov 15, 2007

Oh oh.... from what you have said maybe Hatsukoi Limited may not be for me... but I guess I will check it out and see how it goes.

I'll start the hunt for your recommendations tonight... and at first glance at the shows from the database it looks like you know exactly what I'm after. Thanks!

1010rikku Nov 15, 2007

anime noob! ......ANIME NOOB!!@@## Melonjuice!!

You are so far from being an anime no0b it's not even funny...anime guru would be more appropriate lol

Icey Nov 15, 2007

Great! Thanks for the suggestions I will definitely check them out.

There is a lot of choice for me to watch/read so I certainly appreciate any recommendations you may have.

Actually with that in mind since you enjoyed Ichigo 100% have you also tried reading Lilim Kiss? It's done by the same author - Mizuki Kawashita and the lead girl and guy is basically a grown up Toujou and Manaka. It's no where near as long as Ichigo, but it was definitely good.

Also the same author (I really like her story/art work) has started a new Manga called Hatsukoi Limited which I plan to start reading this weekend. It might be of interest to you too if you are not already familiar with it.